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Directed by L. Ravi Kumar, Amalu stars Bhanu Prakash and Anusha in the lead roles. The film starts off with Raghuram (Bhanu Prakash) joining the army on the day of his wedding. Raghuram gets killed when fighting with the enemy and as a result, his father becomes an alcohol addict.

As a result of his father’s alcoholism, the relationship changes between him and Raghuram’s wife (Anusha.) A few years later, the unexpected happens when Raghuram returns alive and well! A tale about how alcohol can have a horrible impact on one’s life and relationships, Amalu is an eye opener. Watch the movie to realise the importance of relationships.

Director: L Ravi Kumar
Starring: Bhanu Prakash, Anusha
Genres: Drama, International

Amalu Kannada Movie Watch Online Free