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Directed by Kashinath, Anubhav stars Kashinath, Abhinaya and Umashree in the lead roles. Ramesh is an ordinary working man who does regular, run off the mill jobs in Bangalore. His aunt lives in the village with her two children, Gauri and Gunda. When Gauri reaches puberty, she gets married to Ramesh.

Unfortunately for Ramesh, since Gauri is still a child, she is unable to fulfill all his needs. Despite all of Ramesh’s efforts, Gauri still doesn’t get attracted to him. Desperate for change, Ramesh runs off to the city with Padhi, a woman who has been eyeing him for quite a while now. Realising Padhi can give him everything Gauri can’t, Ramesh runs away to the city where the two start living as husband and wife.

Luck just doesn’t seem to favour Ramesh because shortly after he moves to the city with Padhi, he realises she lost interest in him. Padhi gets trapped into a prostitution ring and has to move to Mumbai. While all this is happening, Ramesh’s aunt and family decide to come to the city to look for him. However, when they reach Bangalore, they can’t seem to find Ramesh anywhere! Where did Ramesh go and what happens to his wife, Gauri? To find out, watch the full movie now!

Director: Kashinath
Starring: Kashinath, Abhinaya, Umashree
Genres: Drama, International

Anubhava Kannada Movie Watch Online Free