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Directed by Vamsy, Anveshana stars Bhanu Priya, Karthik and Sarath Babu in the lead roles. Rao (Sathyanarayana) has one dream in life and that is, to publish a book on birds and their origin story. Eager to make his dream come true, Rao and a hired writer Hema (Bhanupriya,) move to a forest and start living there for inspiration.

Soon after they move, a series of murders start happening, leaving everyone scared out of their wits. People living in the area think the deaths are because of a tiger. However, a policeman called Amar (Karthik) thinks otherwise. Does Amar solve the murders and find out who is behind the murders? To find out, watch the full movie now!

Director: Vamsy
Starring: Bhanu Priya, Karthik, Sarath Babu
Genres: International, Suspense

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