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Directed by Ram Gopal Varma, Bhairava Geetha is a bilingual film starring Dhananjay, Irra Mor and Balrajwadi in the lead roles. Geetha (Irra Mor) comes from a family which is neck deep with faction groups and troubles. After she finishes her education, she returns to the village and shortly after, falls in love with her father’s henchman, Bhairava.

When her father finds out about this relationship, pandemonium ensues. Geetha’s father’s anger knows no bounds and in a fit of rage, orders an execution of Bhairava. To find out  how the couple manage the hurdles, watch the full movie now.

Director: Siddharth Thatholu
Starring: Dhananjay, Irra Mor, Balrajwadi
Genres: Action, International, Suspense, Drama

Bhairava Geetha Kannada Movie Watch Online Free