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Directed by Sekhar Suri, Dr. Chakravarthy stars Girish Sahadev, Richard Rishi and Sonia Mann in the lead roles! Dr. Chakravarthy (Girish Sahadev) is an extremely famous doctor and runs a well known hospital. While things seem to be going really well for the doctor and his family, a local moneylender comes knocking on the door for Rs. 50 crores, which the doctor borrowed from him.

The lender makes the video of the entire interaction between him and the doctor public, which quickly becomes viral. Riddled with shame and hopelessness, the doctor and his family decide to go to their farmhouse and commit mass suicide. To find out whether they succeed or not and to see why the doctor borrowed so much money, watch Dr. Chakravarthy now!

Director: Sekhar Suri
Starring: Girish Sahadev, Richard Rishi, Sonia Mann
Genres: Suspense, Drama

Dr. Chakravarthy Telugu Movie Watch Online Free