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Directed by Sampath V. Rudra, Ishtanga tells the story of a love which blossoms under unconventional circumstances. Starring Arjun Mahi, Tanishq Rajan and Priyadarshini in lead roles, the movie talks about how two people fall in love and don’t realise situations could get so serious! While Krishna (Arjun Mahi) is a man who doesn’t believe in love or relationships, Satya (Tanishq Rajan) is a content writer who falls in love with Krishna, despite his attitude towards love.

Just when the two start moving forward in their relationship, Krishna moves abroad. A few days after, Satya finds out she is pregnant with his child. How do the two deal with the situation and does Satya tell the love of her life about the baby? To find out what happens, watch Ishtanga now!