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Kadaisi Bench Karthi Tamil Movie Watch Online Free

Directed by Ravi Bhargavan, Kadaisi Bench Karthi stars Bharath, Ruhani Sharma and Angana Roy in the lead roles. Karthi (Bharath) doesn’t believe in relationships because one of his relationships ended in a particularly bad way. Nithya (Ruhani Sharma) realises she is in love with Karthi and can’t imagine her life without him.

However, when she proposes to Karthi, he agrees on one condition. This very condition later leads to the end of their relationship. What was Karthi’s condition and why did Nithya agree to it? To find out, watch the full movie now!

Director : Ravi Bhargavan

Starring : Bharath, Ruhani Sharma, Angana Roy

Genres : International, Comedy, Drama