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Directed by Vasu Varma, Krishnashtami tells a hilariously romantic love story. With Sunil, Nikki Gajrani and Dimple Chopade playing the lead roles, this film is all about people falling in love in weird circumstances. Opening to the scene of Sunil (a NRI) wishing to settle down in India because of his love for Indian values, Krishnashtami follows the story of what happens when Sunil meets Pallavi.

Pallavi is a unique girl in every way. Sunil is instantly attracted to her and decides to make Pallavi fall for him, which she does at the end of three days. However, through the course of the movie and as Sunil lands in India, he encounters a problem from which he has been running all his life. To find out what happens and to see if Sunil does end up with the girl of his dreams or not, click here!

Director: Vasu Varma
Starring: Sunil, Dimple Chopade, Nikki Galrani
Genres: Comedy, Action

Krishnashtami Telugu Movie Watch Online Free