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Directed by Mukund Pande, L7 stars Adith Arun and Poojha Jhaveri in the lead roles. Telling the story of Arun (Adith) and Sandhya (Pooja,) this movie follows the life of a newly married couple. Right after the couple ties the knot, they move into a brand new house to start their married life. Soon after they move into the new house, strange things start happening.

Sandhya starts experiencing paranormal activities and post a weird experiment, Arun finds out his wife is possessed by a spirit! Sandhya starts acting unusually and the young couple is faced with more challenges than they expected. What happens to Sandhya? What does Arun do to help her break free from the evil spirit? To find out the answers to these questions, watch the full movie here!

Director: Mukund Pandey
Starring: Arun Adit, Poojha Jhaveri
Genres: Horror

L7 Telugu Movie Watch Online Free