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Directed by P.A. Prasad, Mukkebaaz stars Pawan Kalyan, Preethi Jhangiani and Aditi Gowitrikar in the lead roles. A remake of the Telugu superhit film Thammudu, Mukkebaaz is all about family, love and relationships. The movie opens to a fighting  scene between two rival colleges. Subash (Pawan Kalyan) is in love with Lovely (Aditi,) a girl from the rival college. Subash has a doting friend in Jaanu (Preethi) who loves him to no end and lets him get away with  whatever he does.

When Subash is banished from his home for being an aimless student and a spoilt brat, he realises the time to make a change is now. Proving this point to everyone, Subash takes his brother Chakri’s (Achyuth) place in a boxing match against Rohit, a student of the rival college. Chakri can’t fight in the match because of injuries he sustained during an earlier fight with Rohit. Does Subash win the match against Rohit? To find out, watch the full movie now!

Director: PA Arun Prasad
Starring: Pawan Kalyan, Preethi Jhangiani, Brahmanandam
Genres: Sports, Action, Drama

Mukkebaaz Hindi Movie Watch Online Free