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Directed by Suresh Krishna, Raghvendra stars Prabhas, Anandaraj, Anshu and Shweta Agarwal in the lead roles. Raghava (Prabhas) is a hot headed, young youth who has absolutely no tolerance toward injustice of any kind. In his effort to right all the  wrongs in the world, Raghava picks a fight with the local don, Ankineedu (Anandaraj.)

Realising Raghava is relentless and  would not stop till he defeats him, Ankineedu starts threatening everyone close to Raghava. Frightened out of their wits, Raghava’s parents move to Mantralayam and convert the hot headed Raghava into a devout follower of Raghvendra Swami. Why does Raghava agree to make such a drastic change as this? To find out, watch the full movie now!

Director: Suresh Krishna
Starring: Prabhas, Anshu, Shweta Agarwal
Genres: Action, International

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