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Directed by S. Narayan, Simhadriya Simha stars Vishnuvardhan, Bhanu Priya and Meena in the lead roles. Narsimhe Gowda (Vishnuvardhan) is the chieftain of 48 villages and is known for the kind and just way he leads the people from the village of Simhadri. One fine day, Narsimhe has to take the tough call of banishing his relative, Shobhraj, from the village. Shobhraj was found guilty of raping a girl and as a leader, Narsimhe had no choice but to banish him for 18 years. As a part of the judgement given by Narsimhe, Shobhraj also has to marry the girl he raped.

Shobraj’s father gets into a fit of rage and in an act of revenge, he kills Narsimhe. Post his father’s death, Narsimhe Gowda’s son (also played by Vishnuvardhan) takes over the throne. Eighteen years later, in a weird twist of events, Narsimhe Gowda’s son has to make a verdict with relationship to his brother, Chikka’s case. What call does Narsimhe Gowda’s son take and how does it impact the ruling family’s life? To find out, watch the full movie now!

Director: S.Narayan
Starring: Vishnuvardhan, Bhanu Priya, Meena
Genres: Drama, International, Action

Simhadriya Simha Kannada Movie Watch Online Free