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Directed by Naganna, Soorappa stars Vishnuvardhan, Sathyapriya and Shruthi in the lead roles. Soorappa (Vishnuvardhan) leads a simple life in his village. Always ready to help, Soorappa  goes the extra mile to help those in need.

However, this very nature of his gets Soorappa into trouble. One day, while trying to save a woman of the neighbouring village from a snake, Soorappa is accused of trying to rape  her. This incident causes a major rift between the two villages and distorts the peace and harmony there. How Soorappa clears his name and brings peace to the villages is the rest of the story.  Watch the full movie now!

Director: Naganna
Starring: Vishnuvardhan, Sathyapriya, Shruthi
Genres: Drama